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OM Nepal is dedicated to experiencing God, equipping believers, and bringing the knowledge of Jesus to everyone. This site was built so that you may know about our circumstances and that we may encourage your heart (Col 4:8).

So read. Look. Learn. Consider your response. Ask questions. Pray. Give. Come. Be blessed by how God is building His church. Everywhere.

Not shaken
One village in the southeast of Nepal had only three believers when the OM Nepal Winter Outreach Programme (WOP) team arrived in early December 2013. And as the team ministered in the area over the course of a month, they experienced much resist ...
Growing Vegetables as Ministry
As the Training Center (OM Base) has been furnished and the last construction projects have been completed, we have been able to facilitate many team trainings, seminars and even house more Joshua Training Course (JTC) and Winter Outreach Progra ...
Training Centre work OM Nepal uses its Training Centre to host it's three-month and one-year training programmes, to faciliate teaching times for team members and to be a place that enables the ministr ... Read More Village Partnership Teams Imagine, that as adult you still don't know how to read. Think how difficult life would be without being able to follow any written directions, or hold down a good job, let alone e ... Read More
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