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Up until 1951 it was illegal to be a Christian in Nepal. In just these last sixty years the national church has grown from five known believers to an estimated one million. OM works alongside this church, providing training, literature, and encouragement for Christians and sharing the gospel with those who haven’t heard.

OM’s work in Nepal began in 1968 when George Verwer moved the International Office to Kathmandu. In 1972 an urban literature ministry began and ten years later the first trekking team started carrying Bibles, books, and tracts to remote villages. In 1990 OM launched a training program for Nepali Christians.

Today team members trek in remote areas; minister among youth, children, women, Tibetan Buddhists, and the homeless; and serve in leadership and support roles. Two training programs disciple more than one hundred Nepali Christians each year and send them out to share their faith. Teams disciple illiterate Christians in isolated churches through oral storytelling. God has blessed OM’s work, and we are excited to share with you how He is building His Church in this country.

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